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Can this be reapers official voice please?

5/5 for arm wiggle death blossom

nicnaccreative responds:

Haha, thank you, I'll let you know if blizzard contacts me

Jokes about menstration just aren't funny.

JazLyte responds:

BOOOO. Boo you! You're just the worst!

Hahahhah! By far my favorite one by you so far! Keep em coming!
Also, great James Earl Jones impression.

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You have my full support *backed*
Also good idea putting on newgrounds.
I hope this gets made, because i desperately want to play
the full game!

This redefines "flash games" for me. I am overwhelmed with addictive content!
Fun to play, Great Design, Voice acting?!

Hell yes!

20/5 stars

First Impressions -- VERY impressed!
Easy to learn -- Addictive -- Great Design!
Your team ( or "you"? ) have Really outdone themselves.

Only critique is the "Hero Leveling" I couldn't find
where my Hero's level is. Is he even leveling up? Also I wish
there were more I could buy with coins, other than allies.

Please port this to the iPhone so i can show all my friends ^_^

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Really good! I'm head over heels on any original Jazz pieces :)
I'd like to hear this over a flash game, maybe a puzzle game or
a "jazz themed" platformer! Anyways, good work!

nicholasmetts responds:

Thank you! I would love for someone to use this in one of their projects. If you know of anything, tell them about my piece! ;-)

For a moment there, I took this seriously.

But then I saw you voiced Fidget in Dust.

Voice Actor Make a Funny XD

Good Beat. Poor Execution.

I see what you're trying to do, but like Veranoph said the vocals are off-beat.
On fruity loops, there's a way to change the tempo to match the beat you're trying to make.
Do some research into that, and keep making music :)

Keep it up!

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That treadmill does wonders

How long did it take? And do you feel awkward drawing hot women?

Goodness Gracious

How long did it take you to draw and color that vampires hair?
20 stars! 20 Stars I say!
Give this man more stars!

Don't mind me, just passing through...

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